About us

Since 2007 we have been monitoring and analysing the SLIDORS sliding plastic systems, as an unprecedented product, which is ideal for our conditions. We have conducted projects in many European countries - Latvia, Poland, Turkey, Belarus, and the Kaliningrad region. The upswing in the house renovation programme in Lithuania has led us to invest in this product and introduce it more widely into the Lithuanian market.

In 2015, UAB Balkonija was founded. It established a warehouse for raw materials and started training in enterprises engaged in window and balcony glazing. SLIDORS is a unique balcony, terrace and loggia glazing system. This product, which has as many as 17 international patents, is perfectly adapted to our climate. A room where the SLIDORSglazing system is used will become well-sealed, quiet and dry, and the fact that this glazing method saves the space of your balcony or terrace will provide more practicality and comfort.

Every consumer associates modern balcony with an extra room, in which you can feel cosy and admire the beauty of the city or store items that are not frequently used in the household. But we have to remind you that a balcony is also a room which provides natural air ventilation. SLIDORS is a unique system that allows air flows to circulate normally and, at the same time, provides protection from the rain, wind and cold. The fact that the sliding system is made of plastic rather than cold metal or glass profiles adds a feeling of comfort and aesthetics.Technical parameters of SLIDORS amaze specialists, and the products are affordable for any customer.

For the first time the system was introduced into the Lithuanian market back in 2008, at the exhibition in Klaipėda. Hundreds of customers in that region, who have purchased the SLIDORS system, enjoy its benefits. During lengthy negotiations, we were able to reach an agreement with the South Korean manufacturers and make this product more widely recognised in the Lithuanian construction sector. We introduce you with:


UAB Balkonija is the official supplier and manufacturer of the SLIDORS sliding plastic systems for balconies, terraces and loggias in the Baltic countries.

We argue that these type of balconies are optimal for the climate of Lithuania.