Spacious-– The SLIDORS glazing system can be up to 1.9 m high and 5.7 m wide and when additional fittings are installed - up to 2.4 high. This allows constructions to be used not only in balconies, but also in loggias, terraces or winter gardens. With the use of variety of connectors, it can be tightly joined with plastic window systems


Shoot - user-friendly, save balcony space, and most importantly - It never freezes during the cold time of the year.



Well-sealed–- Hinge parts of SLIDORS that pass each other have unique details, which when closed cling together and fully seal your balcony


Quiet–- The rollers of SLIDORS slides along tracks completely without sound, so there will be no cracking, and the system will not freeze during winter. The system with a glazing unit is recommended for balconies facing noisy streets


Secure-– if necessary, the hinged parts can be easily removed and not used during warm seasons; nevertheless, due to unique details, it is impossible to break the SLIDORS system from the outside, which is not characteristic of other analogous systems



Ecologic-The profile of SLIDORS is made of eco-friendly PVC, and the corner joints are made of ABS plastic characterised as being very solid



FineThe edges of the hinged parts are rounded, and the plastic is smooth. All plastic details can be laminated with coloured and wood effect PVC film on one or both sides. Matte, patterned, tinted or laminated glass can be used.


Warm–- It is twice warmer than aluminium glazing systems, and, in the case of single glazed SLIDORS system, - five times warmer, if the SLIDORS system is installed with a glazing unit (results of the tests carried out show that thermal resistance ratio of such product is 0.35 m² K/W, which is nearly the same as the ratio of simple plastic casement windows with a three-chamber profile)



Inexpensive- The price of the SLIDORS balcony glazing system is similar or even lower, when compared with sliding aluminium systems, simple plastic or wooden windows, and frameless glazing constructions. You can calculate the price for your balcony and compare it with other systems in the companies engaged in the sales of windows or on our website.